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What are the images of “chicken brands” in big data? N

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  • Date : 2022.01.12 10:45
  • Publication Date : 2021.12.30
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Investigator SOHN Ji-hun from YU Cyber Emotion Research Institute (Department of Digital Fusion Business of Graduate School)

Study on brand images and royalty with analysis of big data such as keywords, press releases, and SNS, etc.

Excellent Thesis Award in a regular academic contest of Korean Regional Communication Research Association

[December 30, 2021]

https://www.yu.ac.kr/_attach/yu/editor-image/2021/12/OefYdsTLqCFrKvhrVYHQlVHGZv.jpg  “What would be the images of domestic chicken brands in big data?”

Investigator SOHN Ji-hun from YU Cyber Emotion Research Institute (2nd year of master course, Department of Digital Fusion Business of Graduate School) showed an interesting result of an analysis of brand images and royalty of domestic chicken franchise companies based on big data.

  Investigator SOHN Ji-hun conducted a study to observe the course that chicken franchise companies founded in Daegu or Gyeongbuk areas are expanded in whole country, to arrange the specific features, and to identify the relation between brand images and royalty based on the big data in the expansion processes.He identified differences in region, gender, and age and times of press release based on keywords and press release data and identified how brand image marketing is done based on Instagram data.

  As the result, he found that Gyochon had more interests and press release times than Hosigi Dumari or Mexicana and that brand royalty was enhanced through communication with the public through SNS. The study was conducted by adding Instagram data to the content of “A study on Daegu Spirit and urban identity” which was jointly conducted by Professor PARK Han-woo’s Research Team of Department of Media Information of YU and Time&Space Lab, etc.

The result of the study was reported as a thesis of “Big data analysis on brand identity in the process to stand and expand franchise - focused in Instagram comments on Daegu and Gyeongbuk chicken brands” and obtained Excellent Thesis Award in “2021 Busan Winter Regular Academic Congress of Korean Regional Communication Research Association.”

  Investigator SOHN Ji-hun commented, “It was possible to understand what influence is given to brand value generation by big data of keywords, press release, and SNS in order to help establishment of the direction of SNS marketing for brands. If the result of the study is applied to recently growing regional franchise in addition to the three brands of the study, formation of brand images and enhancement of royalty will be significantly assisted.

  I’d like to conduct studies on the influences of social media marketing to not only catering franchise but also entertainment industry through big data,” and showed successive study plans saying, “I’d like to study the processes to plan and expand brand images of celebrities.”