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YU Chunma Honors Special Lecture, start of first lecture by former president LEE Hyo-soo N

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  • Date : 2022.01.12 10:51
  • Publication Date : 2021.12.31
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Field lectures for students and their parents by distinguished chair professors

Various subjects on 4th industry, society, culture, and advanced science, etc. were shared by students and their parents.

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[December 31, 2021]


<Distinguished chair professor LEE Hyo-soo giving Chunma Honors Special Lecture in Youngnam Sahmyook High School>

The first masterpiece lecture, Chunma Honors Special Lecture, was started as a social contribution program of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool).

 Chunma Honors Special Lecture is a social contribution program of YU prepared to share professional knowledge and experiences in various social areas of lectures consisting of YU distinguished chair professors with citizens and to enhance liberal arts knowledge of them and chair professors visit the field and give the lecture.

  The first lecturer is distinguished chair professor LEE Hyo-soo who was the 13th professor of YU.Distinguished chair professor LEE Hyo-soo gave a special lecture for 90 minutes to more than 100 1st and 2nd grade students in Youngnam Sahmyook High School on the 16th of last month.

  In the special lecture, distinguished chair professor LEE Hyo-soo explained about Y (Yields) type talents to generate values to meet the times of 4th industrial revolution with the subject of “Y type talents, Why, How & What?” and advised talents how to become Y type talents getting good responses from students.


  After the lecture, students expressed their feeling saying, “It was a motive for deep thinking about future social development and talent cultivation. We got the intention to become Y type talents to generate values by ourselves.”

  In addition to distinguished chair professor LEE Hyo-soo who gave the lecture on that day, the lectures of Chunma Honors Special Lecture consist of former YU president LEE Sang-chun, former National Assembly member KIM Kwang-lim, and former Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs LEE Dong-pil.

  Chunma Honors Special Lecture is given all year round. The lecture is given upon the requests by middle/high school students, teachers, and parents and agency members, etc. and, if the requests are actively made in future, many professionals including President CHOI Oe-chool will participate. For details, you may make inquiries to YU Admissions Office. YU plans to give the lecture with expansion of lectures to eminent persons from various circles if the requests for Chunma Honors Special Lecture increase in future.