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MOU Signing between ‘YU and SUNY KOREA’ N

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  • Date : 2021.12.29 14:52
  • Publication Date : 2021.12.20
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Exchange students, professors, staff, etc., operate educational and cultural programs, and cooperate for joint research.

SUNY Korea, the first American university to open in Korea, Korean campus.

Synergy in global education and research activities will be expected. 

[December 20, 2021]

YU(President CHOI Oe-chool) and The State University of New York, Korea, President MIN Won-ki) signed MOU between the two universities. 

At 3 pm on the 20th, in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the main building of YU, YU President Choi Oe-chul met with the SUNY Korea President Min Won-ki agreed to cooperate for exchange and development between the two universities.

According to the signing of this agreement, the two universities also cooperated for ▲exchange student program ▲exchange of professors, researchers, and faculty members ▲development and operation of educational and cultural programs ▲joint research. With this agreement, the two universities will lay the foundation for mutual exchange for academic growth in education and research and the development of human resources such as professors, staff, and students.

 President MIN Won-ki said, “It is meaningful to conclude this MOU with the YU, a higher education institution that plays a pivotal role in education and international expansion in the field of Saemaul movement and international development. We, two universities, actively engaged in global education and research activities, are expected to create synergy by signing the agreement.”

President CHOI Oe-chul said, “I understand SUNY is playing a major role in nurturing future-oriented human resources with an international sense. I hope that the signing of this MOU will serve as an opportunity for each university to leap forward by sharing the excellent educational and research assets and know-how of both universities.

The State University of New York, Korea, is the first American university opened in Korea. It is the Korean campus of the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the Fashion Institute of Technology. It provides the same education as the campus in New York, USA, and professors from the United States teach all classes in Korea.