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YU opened “A Tracking Contest for Chunma Family to Visit Alma Master” with General Alumni Association N

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  • Date : 2023.05.10 13:50
  • Publication Date : 2023.04.29
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More than 2,000 participants including alumni and students, etc. walked around the campus, built memories, and fostered friendship among alumni.

Unity of university members walking around the campus including Chunma Honors Park, LEE Long-woo Science Library, and Folk Village, etc.

Eoulim Event such as club performances and busking, etc. by alumni and students

[April 29, 2023]

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On last Saturday of April when spring rain falls, about 2,000 YU alumni and family gathered on the soccer field at the back of the gate of YU in spite of rainy weekend. They participated in “A Tracking Contest for Chunma Family to Visit Alma Master.”

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“A Tracking Contest for Chunma Family to Visit Alma Master” held by YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) and General Alumni Association (Chairman YOON Dong-han) is an event for YU alumni and family and all university members including students and university staff to unite walking around the campus.

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Chairman YOON Dong-han of General Alumni Association said, “It is highly meaningful to hold the alma master tracking contest this year, too, next to last year. I hope you to build memories and enhance the school spirit walking around the alma master’s campus with the family and alumni. General Alumni Association will stand at the front for development and good health of alma master and alumni.”

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The tracking contest was opened with a  Korean traditional percussion band’s performance to greet alumni’s families. After watching the performance and after warming up, the participants started from YU soccer field and walked about 7km of tracking course including Chunma Honors Park, LEE Long-woo Science Library, main campus buildings, Falk Village, path of contemplation, and Dulle-gil in the forest, etc. for two hours.Busking performances and photo zone events, etc. were provided by the alumni, student clubs, and university staff on the Chunma Honors Park at the interim of the tracking course. YU PR ambassador students took pictures of the contest participants using instant cameras and delivered pictures of the memories on the spot.

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In the afternoon after the tracking contest, Eoulim Event was held for the alumni who visited their alma master after a long time. Eoulim Event was started with a beat performance and Chunma Cheer Team of YU General Club Association, dance clubs, and rock bank clubs showed performances for the alumni and the families who visited alma master after a long time. The climax of the alumnus harmonization event was made by the classic performance by RO Hee-seop, who is a famous street singer and is the director of INSIEM ARTS CORPORATION.

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President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “It is very meaningful to invite alumni working at every society and level to the alma master’s campus this year, too. I hope you to have a time to share memories with alumni you met after a long time while walking around the campus of the alma mater where you studied hard with great dreams in your youth. The alma mater will do its best to cultivate talents to contribute to the realization of a safer and happier human society. I ask for continued interest and support from the 270,000 YU alumni for the development of the alma mater.”

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