Research Programs

National Unification Research Institute

The National Unification Research Institute was founded in January 1970 as the first institute in this field in Korea in order to undertake surveys and an analysis of the problems between the two Koreas and to contribute to the eventual unification of Korea.

The activities of the Institute are summed up as follows :

  • 1) to collect materials on North Korea and analyze internal and international situations,
  • 2) to hold symposia, seminars, and public lectures,
  • 3) to publish journals and books on the subject of unification of divided countries,
  • 4) to make exchange programs with institutes of unification of divided countries,
  • 5) to finance and assist specific fields of research projects.

The Institute has held fifty-two conferences, seminar, symposia and international level conference, and published 28st issues of the Journal of Unification Studies and five volumes of books. 
It also has undertaken ninety research projects.