Research Programs

Rural Development Institute

1. RDI's Vision and Mission

The purpose of the Rural Development Institute (RDI) is contribution of balanced national development and realization of advanced welfare in rural society. In order to achieve these purpose, we try to develop rural area and perform various academic activities for preservation of environment as well as agricultural resources.

It is consisted with 6 research centers;

  • agricultural economic development research center
  • environmentally friendly agricultural research center
  • functional food research center
  • restored ecology research center
  • environmental reservation and design center
  • applied floriculture research center.

2. RDI's Research Fields and Activities

  • Research of income increasement and economic revitalization in agricultural society
  • Research of balanced development among local communities with environmentally friendly agricultural development
  • Preservation of agricultural ecology and natural resources and environmental preservation and restoration in rural area
  • Development of environmentally friendly agricultural techniques and strengthening international competitiveness of food industry
  • Making tourist attraction using rural and natural resources
  • Improvement of social welfare in rural area
  • Holding various academic seminars and lectures to pursue above activities
  • Maintenance of information exchange and collaboration system with other related institutes
  • Published of various research works
  • Extra essential business required for rural development

3. Research Achievement : academic seminar, symposium, and collected papers

  • Korean cattle 'hanwoo' cluster in Gyeongbuk (2005.4.20) Dr. Jung-Su Yeo
  • Development of operator training program and education for forest mechanization in Korea (2005.5.27) Dr. Gun-Woo Kang and et al. (4)
  • Foundation commemoration symposium of RDI "21C development strategy of agriculture and rural community in Gyeongbuk (2005.6.3) Mr. Tae-Pyoung Jang and et al. (20)
  • Expectation of harvest season of starch corn and super sweet corn using GDD(2005.7.4) Dr. Suk-Soon Lee and et al. (1)
  • International academic symposium (Korea and China) "Strategy of environmentally friendly agriculture development at 21C" (2005.8.6) Dr. Hak-Soo Suh and et al. (20)
  • Designing and building a new botanic garden for the UK : the short- and long-term strategies (2005.9.5) Mr. Wolfgang Bopp
  • Environmental policy and its direction in Korea (2005.9.28) Mr. Jae-Yong Lee (minister of environment)
  • The perspective of food Industry at 21C (2006.11.28) Mr. Jeong-Sub Choi (KREI)
  • RDI paper publication (the first edition) (2006.1.20) Dr. Oh-Ok Kwon and et al. (8)
  • Waterside management system of large river in rural area, USA (2006.5.11) DR. Richard Carl Schultz (Iowa State University, USA)
  • Approach to establishing publicness in risk governance for livestock product Safety (2006.9.22) Prof. Ichio Sasaki (Obihiro University, Japan)
  • International symposium "Developmental strategy of 21C sustainable agriculture" (2006.11.9) Korea, Japan, RDA (40)
  • RDI paper publication (the 2nd edition) (2007.1.20) Dr. Oh-Ok Kwon and et al. (18)
  • Education and practice for landscape design (2007.6.2) Dr. Byung-Rim Yu (Dae-Uel University)
  • Flora of the far east region of Russia (2007.9.18) Dr. Peter Gorovoy (Far Eastern National University, Russia)
  • Spatial Decision support system(SDSS) for Harvesting system (2007.10.29), Soo-Kyu Park and et al. (1) (Korea Forest Research Institute)
  • Screening and using of fuctional material from special purpose tree and honey plant symposium(2007.12.14), Sae-Hyun Kim(Korea Forest Research Institute)
  • RDI paper publication (the 3rd edition) (2008.1.20) Dr. Gun-Uh Kang and et al. (22)
  • International symposium "Developmental strategies for green-bio agriculture and industry" (2008.5.19) (12)