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YU to meet on ‘Metaverse’, launched ‘Open Campus.’ N

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  • Date : 2021.12.29 14:56
  • Publication Date : 2021.12.23
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From the 26th to the 28th, the metaverse campus invites high school students to provide an opportunity to enjoy an indirect experience of the campus.

Hosted by a metaverse club named 'YUMC', varied programs such as university introductions, campus tours, etc., are on the air. 

We form social relationships by establishing a metaverse campus to hold various events and share information among students.

[December 7, 2021]


<Metaverse campus built by YU YUMC (the whole view of Central Library))>

YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) invites high school students to Metaverse. 

 YU holds an event called 'YU Minecraft Open Campus' using Metaverse. This event features to be directly planned and conducted by YUMC (Yeungnam Univ. Minecraft Server), a metaverse club of YU students.

This event, which will be held four times from the 26th (Sunday) to the 28th (Tuesday), will be operated at YU's Metaverse campus built with Minecraft (Microsoft's metaverse game). Therefore, any high school student with a Minecraft account can access YU's Metaverse campus and enjoy many types of programs such as school introductions, stamp tours, and conversations with current students. In addition, the host will operate event halls for a prize draw and the other ceremony separately. The maximum number of participants per session is 40. Lastly, you could refer to YUMC's website (http://yumc.kr) showing details and participation applications.


<Metaverse images of Minecraft open campus>

SEO Seung-wan, president of YUMC’s metaverse club of YU, who planned this event, said, “I wanted to provide prospective college students with an opportunity to experience college life and campus environment indirectly. I hope you can experience the university campus that is difficult to visit in person through the metaverse, albeit the outbreak of COVID-19 continues for a long time. “And he also said, “We hope that the ‘YU Minecraft Open Campus’ event serves as a steppingstone linking relationship between our university and high school students.”

The 'YU Metaverse Campus' has already become a hot topic because students' voluntary cooperation created it. Earlier this year, the YUMC club at YU created the YU campus using Minecraft, a representative platform that implements the metaverse. In the metaverse, the main buildings still symbolize YU: the central library, student union hall, open-air auditorium, Cheonma Art Center, and International Exchange Center, built as their actual shapes on the YU's campus. In addition to constructing the exterior of the campus building, social relationships in daily campus life are realized and maintained as it is in the metaverse world, where students share information and conduct various events. For example, in the library's reading room, only YU students can know and share pieces of information such as good restaurants near YU, tips for course registration, and test information. In addition, the entrance ceremony earlier this year, led by students, and various exchange meetings and events like a farewell party for military service are also taking place.

< YU metaverse campus video produced by the club named YU YUMC>